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Future Proofing Your Digital Strategy: An Interview with Jonathan Richman (Part 1 of 2)


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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Effectively engaging social media into a brand’s marketing mix has been the challenge of every pharma marketer,
made more difficult by FDA regulations and privacy challenges – not to mention the relatively new and
ever-evolving landscape of the medium.

In part one of our audio/video series, “Future-Proofing Your
Digital Strategy,” Jonathan offers some tips on how healthcare companies can leverage some of the digital
technologies available today.

Segment 1:


End of Healthcare Privacy With the advent of many patient-focused sites, consumers are sharing more of their
private healthcare information through online accounts of their personal journeys with disease management and
outcomes. In this video, Jonathan discusses the potential benefit to pharma companies and physicians.

Segment 2:

The Facebook Challenge The latest changes to Facebook now allow “likes” and commenting on pharma
pages and many are concerned this will be a direct path to the dreaded “O” word…off-label.
Jonathan offers his opinion of what marketers should anticipate and why it may have a positive impact for some

Segment 3:

Social Media & Pharma How can pharma companies get the most out of social media? Jonathan shares examples of
how to successfully use social media platforms to increase engagement and enhance online brand presence.

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About Jonathan

Jonathan is Group Director, Strategic Planning for Possible Worldwide (formally Bridge
Worldwide), an interactive and relationship marketing agency based in NYC with offices in 9 countries. His
blog, “Dose of Digital,” provides insights into digital marketing for the pharma and healthcare
industries. It is one of the most read blogs of its kind and is one of the top marketing blogs according to the
AdAge Power 150. It was recently awarded the honor of “Most Influential Healthcare Marketing Blog” by