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HCPs & Social Media


Friday, July 1, 2011

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Trying to drive physician engagement online? Wondering what the hooks are to get healthcare professionals motivated and communicating? So were we. In Q2 2011, UBM Medica US surveyed US-based medical professionals on their use of social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace and blogging.


The findings: What really drives them wild is peer-to-peer interaction.

Seventy-two percent of our US respondents use social media for personal and professional purposes.

Continue reading for a summary of our findings or download the HCPs & Social Media report (PDF).


Executive Summary:

The mean respondent age is 51 years old.

  • 72% of HCPs engage in social media, either for personal purposes (29%), professional (6%), or both (37%).
  • For HCPs who do not use social media, it is mostly because they have concerns about privacy (72%).
  • HCPs who do engage with social media primarily use a computer to do so. The iPhone and iPad are the next devices of choice, followed by the Droid and Blackberry.
  • Security is a key influencing factor in their decision to even join a social network, rating 4.35 out of 5 (5 being most important). Of those who use social media, their time is split 70/30 for personal vs. professional use.
  • When looking at the useage of social media, inclusive of professional community sites, Facebook remains a powerhouse among physicians (86%) followed by Medscape Physician Connect (52%) and Sermo (44%).
  • When using online professional communities, the most popular activities among physicians are following what colleagues are shaing and discusssing (60%) and CME (59%).

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