Audience Insights

Gleaned from original research conducted among our core audiences, UBM Medica Insights keeps you abreast of the latest digital trends in the healthcare community. In each monthly issue, you'll find the information to help keep your finger on the pulse of HCPs behavior. For more information, contact

Even as the digital age evolves, there is still some uncertainty regarding the benefits of email marketing. Check out our latest white paper for tips, tidbits, and reasons why email should still be a big part of your marketing mix aimed at physicians.
Email is still one of the top ways to engage and drive physician behavior, with clear results. Want to know why it will remain that way? Read our blog and white paper to learn the 5 reasons that email should still have a big emphasis in your marketing toolkit.
Beyond the personal tasks one usually performs on their mobile device, more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets for professional purposes, especially physicians. Check out our latest blog and white paper for more insight and tips on how to reach the mobile MD!