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Physicians and Nutraceuticals


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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UBM Medica US’s recent survey found that nutraceuticals – vitamins, minerals, and supplements – are a popular discussion point among patients and their physicians. Find out how often physicians are discussing nutraceutical products with their patients, and which ones they are most often recommending in the latest Insights.

Key highlights of the full report include:

  • 62 percent of physicians say they always, or almost always, ask their patient about their nutraceuticals usage

  • 88 percent of physicians recommend these products to patients – either prior to or concurrent with a prescription

  • The most common recommendations include: multivitamins, vitamin B12, fish oil/omega fatty acid, melatonin and CoQ10

Click here to download the full Insights issue on nutraceuticals – Physicians Actively Recommend Vitamins, Supplements: How can you get in on the action? (PDF).