women’s health

Through a variety of products and partnerships within women's health, UBM Medica’s unique offerings, sponsorship opportunities, and custom programs deliver the targeted audience to meet any of your messaging or marketing objectives.

Reach - UBM Medica reaches a wide audience in women’s health – from general obstetricians and gynecologists to the more specialized urogynecologists, nurses and midwives.
Relevance - OBGYN.net is the world’s largest integrated online community of obstetrics/gynecology medical professionals, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies.
Results - Whether your goal is to reach obstetricians and gynecologists, or a specialty segment of women’s health practitioners, UBM Medica will create a targeted audience development campaign to meet your objectives, providing reliable customer support and detailed metrics along the way.


OBGYN.net - A vast, ever-growing and expanding universe with over 1,000,000 pages of educational content, discussion forums, videos, educational tutorials, images, personal experience, and more. The site brings in over 100,000 page views every month.

SearchMedica - An innovative, powerful search tool that blends the latest search technology with unparalleled expertise in medical content for healthcare providers.

Women’s Health UBM Medica Network - Leverage our network partner program to expand your reach and maximize exposure.


SearchMedica app - Like the website, the iPhone application offers HCPs the ability to search for articles on a specific topic in an easy to use format – and offers another way to reach your target audience.